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This is a buzz word that has grown popular lately; however, the way we describe this is having a person who can walk alongside you to meet your goals.  It takes partnership, accountability and a good listener to help sort out the path that is fulfilling.

Finding the right coach is key.  You want someone who is vested in you and your success.  One who can challenge you, without breaking you; one who can help you heal through the obstacles you have faced and set you on the journey you really desire.

I like to start with questions - How many unfinished projects and books do you have hanging around?  How many great ideas have you had, but you never had the time to make them come to fruition?  The reason is simple:  We grow complacent and settle for whatever life gives us.  We also allow unnecessary "things" to creep into our calendars. 

We want something more, but we are not willing to stretch ourselves to full capacity.  Negative self-talk, and sometimes the company we keep, prevent us from our greatest work.  A coach gives you the listening ear to help you sort through clutter and noise and an accountability partner to help you reach your goals.

My base rate for a 50 minute session is $50.  However, if we decide to walk on a Greatness path together, you and I will work out how many sessions we will get together and build your pricing plan. Depending on your goals and what we are working on, you may only need a quarter or you may need an entire year.  The great news is, you get to decide.  I'm a firm believer that your investment in yourself is a discussion and a decision that you must make BEFORE we get started.  There is no pressure and the choice is yours.

You can certainly book an Intake Session with us; however, you will want to schedule your 30 minute free consultation first.  That allows you time to interview me to ensure I am the right fit for you.  If not, we have just made a wonderful connection and I have many resources to help you find the right coach.  If we decide to proceed, then we take the journey together and we build your plan for greatness.

If your questions haven't been answered, contact me directly.

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