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Carla is bi-vocational, working full time in the corporate sector and full time with her husband Brent at Fresh Wind International.  She's a management professional, an entreprenuer, a leader in her community and a natural born encourager.  She looks at the best qualities in people and helps illuminate them for everyone to see.  Her heart is to assist people, especially those who cannot see their own greatness within.  "Every person has something special inside.  My goal is to walk them to that unique gift, help them embrace it, and then empower them to leverage it for greatness."

Carla's focus area is Communication, whether it is in public speaking, relationship building, image and branding, crisis management or media and print publications. She has a gift in leadership and development, technology and business planning.  Her coaching style is direct.  She's not afraid to have those accountability conversations.  She says, "Once you shift your mindset, you have to execute. Dreaming next level gets you nothing; but operating in next level produces reward for you and those around you." 

Carla has a BA in Communications and an MA and Th.D in Theology.  She is the author of the book "It's Time to Shift," which changed the course of her life.  She's a public speaker and a trainer.  She and her husband also lead a podcast for married couples entitled "Unbreakable." She's a mother, grandmother and a spiritual mentor to many.

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