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Reda Edelen, Author
Coaching Client - Shift Into Greatness

Dr. Carla has been instrumental in helping me identify my unique strengths and how I use them on a daily basis - with work, with my family, my individual studies of God's Word, and with writing.  Because I'm a "learner", it fits that I'm able to be mentored by someone with such wisdom and knowledge.  She has helped me structure my goals in such a way that they work for me.  Dr. Carla understands that we are all different.  She guides and directs based on my needs, based on who I am, and who I am becoming.  I love that I don't have to be perfect, simply willing, as it is with our Father.  It's been a wonderful journey so far and I always look forward to the next steps that are in store.  Dr. Carla is a gift and I am truly grateful to receive her direction.

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