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Preparing for a Shift (A Change is in the Making)

Preparation is a steady process of growth and learning. Concepts are discovered and committed to memory over time. In the Bible, take a look at Elijah and Elisha. Elisha couldn’t receive everything from Elijah in one sitting. Instead, he went through a preparation time of learning. He spent years under the direction of Elijah so that he would be ready when it was time for his shift.

Elisha was patient and utilized his time wisely. He wanted to glean as much as possible before his elevation. Too many times we want to step into our next level without ever spending any time learning, especially today. Everyone wants their own business, their own project, even their own ministry, but some fail to realize the responsibilities that come with being in a leadership role or the warfare in the mind that comes when carrying these responsbilities. All of these positions are far more than the performance that seems to be glamorized. Think about this: You have to work on your ability to move with change and with God before you can actually move in the things of God.

While your requirements may be different than the next persons, we all have a standard that God is looking for in us. He has gifted you with something special that is made to impact others. The deposit that he has made in you is cloaked around all the stuff you have experienced. I encourage you to examine your life and realize that every day is precious and there is no more time to squander away. In every season, ask God what it is that you must learn while you are waiting for the next shift.

You have wonderful tools at your disposal, including this blog and the opportunities to coach with us. Every now and then, it takes a thought and accountability partner to get you ready for the shift. Don't miss the moments of bringing your greatness to the table to impact someone else's life.

[1] Elijah and Elisha’s relationship is recorded in1 Kings 19:19 to 2 Kings 2:23.

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